Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is relatively safe to visit but be sure that when you will go and explore it, you have a companion. That is because even the experienced hiker could be lost in the canyon. It is also advised that stay away from the big animals abut two bus distance and about 50 feet for smaller animals. Overall, crime is low in the canyon. The canyon has the common entryway and that is The Grand Canyon Village. That is why you can see it very crowded during the peak season. That is because Yavapai Point is located here and it is where you can have a great view of the canyon. If you plan to stay in a place rather than camping then here is the place to book a room.

In the North Rim of the canyon is described as a rugged place and has isolated trails. It has lesser establishments than the other part of the canyon and so it is not that crowded during the peak season. But it was still the 10% amount of visitors so it is still a good place. You can see the Bright Angel Point where you can stand and have the view of the Roaring Springs which is the water source available in the North Rim.

You can also have your hiking begin at the Bright Angel Lodge going to the Plateau Point. You can be rewarded with the amazing view of the river. But it is said that when you like to enjoy the journey and the experience, have your camping in the area and return the next day to your base.